Which type of wood are O2 products made of and what is the wood treated with?

All of our products are made of massive Slovenian wood. We favour walnut, but sometimes also use plum wood, apple-tree wood, pear wood etc. The finished products are treated with tung oil, which provides the wood with completely natural protection.

Does the price include mailing expenses?

Yes, delivery via Post of Slovenia is free of charge. Estimated time of delivery to European countries is 5 to 8 days.

Is it possible to order a custom-made product?

Please let us know about your desires on our mailing address at the bottom of our web page, and we will discuss whether they can be manifested.

How are wooden products maintained? Can I wash them in water?

Simply rinse wooden product under warm water and use mild soap, if necessary. Do not ever try to wash it in a dish-washer. Likewise, the wood will not appreciate it if you use potent cleaning products. If you wash it often, the wooden product will lose its shine. In case that happens, just put some oil on it. It prefers linseed oil, but ordinary olive oil will do just fine. Wood likes to be touched, do it often and it will become smoother and even more beautiful.

How do you set the price for your products?

An hour of work on the lathe is set to cost 40 euros. In case the creation of a bowl, for example, takes 3 hours, the product will thus cost 120 euros. Take away the cost of the material, taxes and other costs, and the worker is left with less than 10 euros per hour of work.

Are the items ever on sale with reduced prices?

Every once in a while, we arrange a promotion sale and offer our products by significantly reduced prices. These offers are time-limited. In order for you not to overlook them, we recommend you log on to our e-newsletter (via our special bottom-page form). We promise not to burden your inbox too often, for we tend to send out our newsletter once a month, at the most.

Who is the photographer behind the web site photos?

The photographs have been contributed by several fantastic young photographers. The cover photos are works by Tomo Novosel, while most of the product items were shot by him and Saša Kovačič.

What inspires you?

Blue skies, old houses, trees, friends. Tiny pleasures.

Which one of the products is your own favourite?

The one I bring from the workshop at that particular evening to oil it. That very one, time and time again.