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O2 wooden furniture for playing and dreaming is created under the skilful hands of Metka Zver. She creates the wooden artefacts in the basement workshop of her house by the edge of a forest on the hillside near Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. A few years ago, Metka moved there with her family. Embraced by the adjacent woods, she felt a wish to work with wood and create beautiful and useful objects from this warm, primal material. After over a year of learning about wood and about different techniques of woodworking, she has decided to leave her career in marketing and dedicate her work entirely to creating wooden products.

Metka especially loves working with the lathe. She makes large and small wooden bowls, mortars, cake stands and plates. Diverse food serving boards are also made in her workshop. Your food, for example, will be served on them at the Zemono palace in the Vipava Valley. The well-known master chef Tomaž Kavčič has ordered these boards, which are attuned to the minimalist design style, for the presentation of his cuisine at the 2015 Expo in Milan. O2 product collection features telephone and tablet stands and tables which can be used as a laptop stands. Passionate readers will be able to find the miniature reading ring, designed to hold open the book, and the stylish house-shaped book-stand, on which you put down an open book. Her practical wooden earring-holder in the shape of a typical Slovenian outdoor hayrack is a manifestation of her love for architecture, which can be sensed throughout her work.

All of O2 products are made from wood of the trees, that grew naturally, without any pesticide treatment, in Slovenian courtyards and woods.

Each product differs at least slightly from all others, thus none of them are completely flawless. It is precisely these tiny deficiencies that prove that the products are all genuinely hand-made. O2 products will thrill you with their shape and balance, innovative designs and creative endeavours which bring novelties into each separate piece. We ensure that each piece has been made with the love and care that cannot be overlooked.