This beautifully eye-catching piece is an ideal addition to any home, sustainable and stylish in equal measure.


Thid small bowl was hand turned on lathe out of one piece of walnut root wood that has been thoroughly sanded to leave a silky smooth finish. Its leg was tinged with turquoise blue, which in combination with the walnut base shines in a special, unique shade of green. The cracks in the wood were filled with the white epoxy resin, thus emphasizing the natural flaw and making it a special feature of this piece.

A stunning bowl that will last for years to come. Suitable for serving dry food like cookies, sweets or nuts or for decorative items like candles, stones or a good storage for jewelry and keepsake.

Care Instructions:
Hand wash (do not soak or place in dishwasher) with soap and water. Towel dry immediately. Re-polish with natural oils when water no longer beads on the wood surface when washing.

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 14 cm