Handturned Oak Pendant Light

Pendant Lamp handturned from one piece of a solid oak wood.


The lamp made of oak wood is burned on the outside, leaving visible the structure of the wood, its grain, knots and minor defects. The edge of the lamp is rough, just as it was cut by a chainsaw when the wood was prepared for processing. The natural oak wood on the inside softly glows when you turn on the light.
A special light, the only one of its kind, gives the room character and illuminates it with soft light. Since it is made of wood, it will contribute to the calm and relaxed atmosphere of your home.
The wood is coated with a natural mixture of oils and waxes, which, applied in a thin layer, protects the wood and prevents damage. To keep the light beautiful for a long time, use only soft cloths for dusting.
With the purchase of the lamp, you receive a free Ikea SUNNEBY system with a 1.8 m long textile cable, because it is perfectly designed and at the same time affordable. Attach the wooden shade to it with ease. Suitable for E27 bulbs.
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 cm