Keychain WALNUT

A lovely and practical gift made of selected pieces of wood, distinguished by their amazing color structures.



Each type of wood also has its own symbolic meaning. Walnut represents strength and strong will, as well as wisdom, inspiration and fullness of life. It has a beneficial effect on the head and stimulates thinking. The lifespan of walnut tree is 120 years. In Slovene folklore, it is considered a sacred tree, that is supposed to protect the house from lightning, and at the same time ward off diseases and bad spirits.

Walnut is a valuable type of wood used primarily for carving and making artwork.

This keychain ball is a handicraft product – handturned and sanded to a perfectly silky smooth surface. It was created on the lathe of Stanislav Lamovšek, one of the most renowned Slovenian masters of woodturning.




Dimensions 3 cm