Keychain YEW

A lovely and practical gift made of natural wood.


For pendants, we have carefully selected only such pieces of wood that are distinguished by their richness of color and interesting structure.

Among the most beautiful and rarest species of trees in Slovenia is the yew. It occurs only in remote areas of mountain forests, in river gorges and in some very difficult to access areas throughout Slovenia up to an altitude of 1,200 m. Today, yew wood is rarely used as it is on the endangered species list and is protected. Most of the yew wood in the market comes from trees planted in parks and gardens. Yew trees and yew wood played an important role in the mythology of ancient peoples. To both the Celts and the Slavs, the yew was a sacred tree. With amulets made of its wood, they protected themselves from spells, evil spirits and poisonous animals. Christians, however, consider it a symbol of eternal life.

The small ball is hand-turned and sanded to a perfectly silky smooth surface.

The product was created in collaboration with Stanislav Lamovšek, one of the most renowned Slovenian masters of woodturning.

Dimensions 3 cm