Sea and Sand

Fresh walnut wood, hand turned. Large piece, heavy, completely wet. And from it emerged a graceful beauty.


A special feature of this lamp is the thinly turned wall. The outer wall is painted with turquoise blue paint, which in connection with the walnut base shines in a unique green-blue shade. The whitewash became a blue sea with the use of blue bleach, and the blackness, processed by brushing and rubbing white wax, became white sand, which almost touches the sea through a thin line of black-brown soil.

The wood is coated with a natural mixture of oils and waxes, which, applied in a thin layer, protects the wood and prevents damage. To keep the light beautiful for a long time, use only soft cloths for dusting.
With the purchase of the lamp, you receive a free Ikea SUNNEBY system with a 1.8 m long textile cable, because it is perfectly designed and at the same time affordable. Attach the wooden shade to it with ease. Suitable for E27 bulbs.
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 19 cm