The Sea and the Sand Is What I Dream Of

Fresh walnut wood, hand turned. Large piece, heavy, completely wet. And from it emerged a graceful beauty.


When turning fresh wood, you have two options – you can make a semi-finished product, which then dries for a few more months, or you can carve it so thin that the drying twists the wood, but it does not break. This last technique requires speed and precision. The result can be an extraordinary bowl, which is no longer a perfect circle, but a bent shape that only nature can create.

But this is only the beginning. The walnut called for additional complication, another artistic intervention. Sapwood thus became blue sea with the use of blue dye, and the heartwood, processed by brushing and rubbing with white wax, became a white sandy beach, that almost touches the sea, but for the thin line of black-brown soil in between.

These are these things that I dream of. Sun, water, soil, air.

Dimensions 28 × 17 cm