Every kitchen needs a spatula. But only few are as elegant as this one is.


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Beautiful, one of a kind wooden utensils add the perfect handmade touch to any stylish kitchen collection.

Each of our tools are made from a solid piece of wood, sturdy yet elegantly shaped, and designed to be used. Conceived of as free form sculpture, these tools offer a sense of creative connection to ordinary kitchen tasks.

The elegant handle is blackened in the process of ebonizing, that uses a reaction between iron oxide and the natural tannins in wood to create a natural looking black, that is actually created in the fibers of the wood rather than a stain sitting on top. It is integral, not superficial, which is why it is also very durable.

The surface of wood is polished to a silky sheen and is treated with food-safe oil and wax coating. You can wash the wooden products with a soft cloth in soapy water. If they lose their shine, restore it by re-oiling them with natural oil.

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 2 cm